On the Gods

The Theoi Project

A research based project that provides a comprehensive and free reference guide to the gods, creatures, and myth through primary sources.

The Encyclopedia Mythica

An online encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends from across the globe, but with a significant Greek Peoples and Greek Mythology section. Well organized and well researched, it compliments The Theoi Project's collection well and new articles are added frequently.


The Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities is a 10 volume French encyclopedia collection from 1877. Each article was written by a recognized specialist in the field. DAGR offers the French original, but the text versions of the pages can be translated through your browser. The scholarship is dated in places but has diligent sourcing and covers a wide range of niche religious topics inaccessible in English.

Sourcing Primary Texts

Perseus Digital Library

A digital library of original Greek and Latin texts with English translations. Also the definitive source for the Greek-English Lexicon (dictionary) used in universities.

Project Gutenberg

A free digital library of eBooks.

Sacred Texts

A free digital archive of works in the public domain.

Loeb Classical Library - $

The digital archive for Loeb publishing. They offer original Greek-English translations for many of the Ancient Greek works. The subscription access is pricey, but you may have access for free through your institution. If not, you can purchase their individual hardcopies new or second-hand.

Academic Databases


A database of academic journal articles, essays, books, and primary sources. Many public and school libraries have access to this journal. If you are a graduate you may even have alumni access. Typically it is a paid service, but a large percentage of their material is always free, particularly in the last couple years.


A collection of academic articles and essays that are posted for free into the public domain, commonly by the authors themselves.

Warburg Institute Iconographic Database

A photographic database for archeological iconography of the gods, heroes, and myths.

Collection of Greek Ritual Norms

An extensive database of archeological inscriptions to do with calendars, sacrifices, and rites.

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